SCAM Banquet
22 September (Sunday), 2013, 18:00

During this culinary walk, under the management of a guide, you will get the possibility to literally ‘taste’ the city of Eindhoven. Eindhoven has a lot to offer in the field of art and architecture. The guide will lead you through the modern center and inform you about interesting buildings, the history of arts and of course the history of Philips.

During this tour you will enjoy a meal of three courses. Every course is in a different restaurant located in the city center.

ICSM Reception
24 September (Tuesday), 2013

PSV is a worldwide known professional football team founded in 1913 and established in Eindhoven. PSV is one of the most successful franchises in The Netherlands with seven National Championships in the past nine years. PSV reached the UEFA Cup quarter finals in 2004, the UEFA Champions League semi-finals in 2005 and reached the tournament’s last sixteen in 2006.

The Philips Stadium is the PSV home base. The beautiful, up-to-date stadium is in the city centre of Eindhoven, still at exactly the same place where the PSV sports grounds were established when PSV (Philips Sport Vereniging) was founded in 1913.
The stadium can accommodate 35,000 people on match days. All seats are covered and heated.

The Philips Stadium is not only a football stadium, but it is also multi-functional and all kinds of congress- and party facilities are available. There are two restaurants: Avant-Garde, the top class restaurant in the Philips Stadium (awarded with entry in the Michelin Guide) and De Verlenging, the bar serving food. Several companies have chosen the Philips Stadium as the perfect setting for their offices or shops. And of course fans can buy PSV-related articles from a wide range of nice souvenirs in the PSV FANstore.

The stadium is within walking distance from the TU/e and the town centre. Please see the attached document describing the route to the Phillips Stadium.

The reception at the PSV stadium also includes a guided tour through the stadium (

ICSM Banquet
25 September (Wednesday), 2013

ICSM banquet will be hosted at the DAF museum.
DAF has been founded in 1928 and it has been building passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles. The trucks are displayed downstairs and special attention is paid to the milestones in DAF's history. One of such milestones is the ‘variomatic’, a fully automatic transmission avant la lettre. As opposed to modern automatic transmission, variomatic is stepless, meaning that that with variomatic one can drive backwards as fast as forwards! The upstairs gallery holds an extraordinary collection of cars, among which a number of interesting prototypes that were not taken into production. A highlight of the collection is the beach car of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

A tour of the DAF Museum will take visitors from one surprise to the next. The inventiveness that has been characteristic for DAF vehicles from 1928 till the present day will even captivate visitors who have no special knowledge of the subject.

VISSOFT Social Event
27 September (Friday), 2013

VISSOFT Social Event will take place at the Philips museum. The Philips museum provides a fascinating picture of the way in which Philips evolved from a small incandescent lamp manufacturer into a large and prestigious international group of companies. From the very first filaments to the most advanced lighting systems of today. Philips is constantly seeking ways of improving lighting, to increase its power and sustainability and enhance our experience of light, both interior and exterior.
During the First World War some doctors asked Philips whether the company could repair their broken X-ray tubes. The X-ray tubes were made by only a few German manufacturers, from whom the Dutch doctors were unable to get assistance because of the war. The Philips research laboratories take up the challenge and are soon producing the first Philips X-ray tubes. By the end of the 1920s the first complete Philips X-ray tube is presented, the Metalix junior. Today, Philips is still active in the medical imaging domain.

Word Press Photo Exhibition

The travelling exhibition of the World Press Photo awards winnars will be visiting in Eindhoven during ICSM The exhibition location is in the immediate vicinity of the conference venue.