Closed-door sessions are accessible for the invitees (i.e., participants of doctoral symposium and the members of the program committee) only. The open sessions are open for everyone.

Doctoral Symposium - Closed-door Session 1: September 24, Tuesday, 10:00-11:15
  • Rafig Almaghairbe and Marc Roper. Anomaly Detection Techniques for automated software fault detection via dynamic execution data
  • Gergő Balogh. Understanding the factors of development productivity
  • Young-Woo Kwon. Automated S/W Reengineering for Fault-Tolerant and Energy-Efficient Distributed Execution
  • Péter Hegedűs. Revealing the Effect of Coding Practices on Software Maintainability
  • Rongcun Wang, Binbin Qu and Rubing Huang. Sequence-based Similarity Regression Test Case Reduction
Doctoral Symposium - Postdoctoral Session (Open Session): September 24, Tuesday, 11:30-12:30

Doctoral Symposium - Closed-door Session 2: September 24, Tuesday, 13:55-15:10