Facilities for conference participants:

Child Care:

TUimelaar, the child care conveniently located on the TU/e campus, will be happy to accommodate children of the ICSM participants, aged 10 weeks to 4 year, Monday through Friday. Children should have previous experience of staying at child-care facilities. TUimelaar does not provide individual child care, so the child should be able to interact as part of a larger group (up to 10 babies, age till 2 year, and up to 14 toddlers, age 2 to 4).

Basic nutrition including fruit, bread and diary is provided by the child care. In cases of allergies or other medical problems, parents must supply food for their child(s).

TUimelaar is open from Monday till Friday, from 8:00 till 18:30. Additional information about TUimelaar can be found at http://www.kdvdetuimelaar.nl/en/tuimelaar/information_about_day_care

You can download the application form, fill it in, and send it to Trudy Govers.

Wireless Internet:
To access wireless Internet at the conference venue you need to apply for a guest account at https://guest-registration.tue.nl/cgi-bin/event?code=54119. After the registration confirmation you will receive an email with the account information. One *cannot* apply for a guest account after arrival in Eindhoven.